Finding the Light

My Journey

Divine Healing and Guidance

Whenever someone is going through a difficult transition like the death of a loved one, a failing relationship, or uncertain of which path to take, I come into their life to make them whole again and lift them up to a higher position than they were before we met.   I have received a lot of training  through my own life's lessons. My spirit guides assist me as I continue to improve, heal and help people every day.  That is why I am called "Finding the Light Healing."  I will guide you from whatever dark tunnel or scary place that you may find yourself into the light and healing and comfort with warmth and compassion.

My childhood environment had been filled with alcoholism, mental illness, verbal, physical and mental abuse. One summer day when I was 11 years old, I was sitting on the couch trying to squeeze my body into a thin ray of warm sunshine coming through the window. The window was open and there was a fresh breeze blowing the sheer curtains towards me. I was thinking about how beautiful the world must be outside of my house. I was lost in the moment until I heard a voice say "there is a better way, life will not always be like this". It was a quiet voice in my head but it seemed to have authority. That single moment gave me hope and changed me forever!   

Since my childhood, as is true for all healers, nothing has been easy.  I sought out abusive relationships,  have been hurt by the most handsome men you can imagine, have become so emotionally charged with negativity that I could barely recognize myself,  have been down and out,  unable to pay my bills or even heal myself at times.  Yet through it all, Angels and spirit guides gave me an inner voice that served as a safety net. I never lost faith but most importantly I never stopped working, learning and growing.  Healers like me must go through tremendous amounts of sustained pain in order to learn what their clients experience.

In my mid-thirties, I experienced an amazing spiritual awakening. God awakened gifts that had been quietly hibernating within my soul. I realized my true passion to help others. My clients are always amazed at how accurate, consistent and true my readings are.  So, everything that has been given to me, I now offer it to you.  This offering comes from a place of love, empathy, spirituality, healing and growth.  I serve as a mother to all; a platform or a ladder that you can use to get out of the mess you are in and find the healing light.